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A few evenings ago, near the outset of a new writers’ group I’m part of, I took my turn to deliver a one-minute report on what I was working on and how it was going. When I finished, the woman who was next in line blinked and said, “Well … it’s hard to follow a happy writer.”

Happy indeed, because the work in progress (working title: Black Cat Arkansas) is chugging along nicely. Word count is up to 53,000 of an anticipated 90,000, so I’m closing in on the two-thirds mark, where Act 2 ends and we careen into Act 3.

The pic you see here illustrates why I’m having such a good time.

One type of idea consists of character names, broad story ideas, and quickie images or thoughts. Every once in awhile, I capture these sorts of images in a Notebook Dump post.

That type of idea is well and good. But the ideas I’m having now, as shown in my psycho-killer-block-printed Post-Its, are specific to Black Cat. They’re links, connections, ties, scenes – and the ones I fold into the manuscript will make the story richer.

While writing first drafts, I go months without having ideas like these. That’s the time of doubt, the time for gritting teeth and writing another 1500 words just to hit the daily quota. The Post-Its are the payday, the proof that all along, something was happening in my head after all. Maybe even something worthwhile.