Posted by on Sep 8, 2009 in Racing |

This picture feels right because of that blue tape patch on the fender of my race car, which reminds me of a cartoon bandage that Wile E. Coyote or Foghorn Leghorn might wind up with.

A few weeks ago during qualifying for a Pro-IT race at Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park, I carried too much enthusiasm – that is, speed – into a corner, skidded onto wet grass, and watched helplessly as a tire wall (which is just what it sounds like: a wall composed of stacked tires, which help dissipate energy when shmucks like me crash into them) rushed toward my windshield.

I hit the tires hard but square, and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to back away and continue with qualifying. Finished third in the race, but it wasn’t a third to be proud of – I was way slower than I should have been.

It’s been that kind of season, right from lap one of race one, when a competitor punted me, breaking my transmission and causing my engine to fail. I’ve squeezed in a few decent results, but they’ve been overshadowed by mechanical failures, wrecks, running out of gas (which cost me a second place), and mediocre driving.

But I’ve got three more shots at my three favorite tracks: New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend, Lime Rock later this month, and glorious Watkins Glen in October. Here’s hoping I and my poor old bandaged-up car can finish the season with a little pride.