Posted by on Dec 24, 2009 in Racing |

Race cars are like “Biggest Loser” contestants: once you start the process, they look really bad before they look good.

About a week ago, I luxuriated in the leather seats of my new Honda S2000. Now? Not so much. We’ve stripped the interior, the trunk, the plastic inner fender liners, and some of the crap from the engine bay (in a race car, such items as air-conditioning, the ABS system, and cruise control are counted as crap). We’ve also removed the ridiculously light aluminum hood and the folding top. Having had a good look at the car underneath all this frippery, we can start with the fun stuff.

Yesterday, I decided which racing seat to use. I went for a newer model from a company called Racetech. The seat has a U-shaped headrest that blocks peripheral vision quite a bit, and I’m not crazy about that. On the other hand, this is the trend in racing seats; the idea is that the less your helmet (and the head within, and the brain within that, to the extent racers have brains) moves in a crash, the better off you are. So you swap a few degrees of peripheral vision for an unbruised brain. Fair enough.

With the seat selected, we positioned it and made sure I could reach the pedals, gearshift, and steering wheel comfortably. I could – and how! Now our rollcage-building maestro begins cutting and welding a safety cocoon for me. That’s an exciting part of the build, so expect pics and updates along the way.

Merry Christmas!