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Economy in the terlet? Ice dams on the roof? Sure, but how can you not be an optimist when you look at the pic above? (Photo credit goes to a gent identified only as Les, who sent the image to my town’s hyper-local news site.)

The sunrise shot was snapped Feb. 6 from Route 85 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and the snow- and ice-covered body of water that appears to be a lake is actually a reservoir.

I drive this road several times a week, and while I try to be appreciative, I suppose it’s natural to take for granted such easily available splendor. I’m grateful for a photo reminding me how much I have to give thanks for.

I’ve got one more connection with this photo: the spot is precisely where the final scene of one of my novels takes place. In the very near future, that novel will be in the hands of some acquiring editors (lovely, handsome, powerful, brilliant folks one and all, by the by). I choose to see this picture as a good omen.

* Do you know what UK band recorded that song in 1979?