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I was never a big 2001 guy, but I was more or less obsessed with A Clockwork Orange during my senior year in college. There’s a new documentary out on late director Stanley Kubrick. Apparently the nutjob, er, eccentric Kubrick made like a pack-rat, stuffing production ephemera, fan mail and more in cardboard boxes, which then sat around his Hertfordshire, UK, estate (where, if memory serves, the Vietnam exteriors from Full Metal Jacket were filmed).

In Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes, cartons are opened, treasures (along with dross) examined. The film has already run on British TV, so you have to figure it’ll hit Sundance or IFC soon enough. Count me in.

By the way, I’m eager to read a definitive Kubrick biography. Recommendations welcome, though I’ve been assuming it’ll be many years before such a big life is sorted out – an assumption all those cardboard cartons would appear to confirm.