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This one’s available from Amazon only, as a paperback or ebook. You can buy it here!

Here’s what my first Young Adult novel is about:

Dustin Crayne, high school junior. He’s got the driving talent. He’s got NASCAR dreams. What he doesn’t have is a rich daddy. Hell, half the time his dad is locked up. Low on money, with a race coming up that could be his big break, Dustin is desperate enough to take a shortcut (okay, to steal an engine). That’s when things get complicated. While committing this felony, Dustin rescues another racer – a greyhound named after Dale Earnhardt – and tangles with a pair of seriously bad dudes. Can Dustin hang on to the sweet dog that changes his life? Can he and his town-drunk dad beat their hated rivals? Can he maybe even have a girlfriend for once in his life?