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4 stars (out of 4)

So you think you know pressure. Ever review a movie under the baleful glare of your preteen daughter? I was told as the credits rolled that this would be a four-star review. I wonder if this ever happened to Pauline Kael.

Baleful glare or no, there are plenty of nice things about High School Musical 3: Senior Year. To wit:

  • The move to the big screen was handled with aplomb (the first two HSM flicks were made for TV), with stars, sets, camerawork and pacing that feel at home in the Ultraplex.
  • Several of the melodies are quite pretty. Syrupy, of course (baleful glare), but pretty.
  • Troy Bolton’s eyes are dreamy.
  • Compared with the other HSMs (yeah, we’re big fans of the entire trilogy around here), there’s more of a sense that something’s truly at stake. The movie revolves, after all, around senior year in high school – and actually captures well the bittersweet feeling of that life stage.
  • Troy Bolton takes his shirt off!
  • Having recently seen Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Role Models (wow, I haven’t reviewed either yet – falling behind!), I was good and ready for a sweet, G-rated movie.
  • Speaking of sweet: from the corner of my eye, I watched my daughter’s reaction when Troy and Gabriella finally kissed. After that, I would’ve given it a dozen stars if she asked me to.