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Is U2 good anymore? I don’t know and I don’t care. Reviews of the band’s new album, “No Line on the Horizon,” are mixed, and I know many folks are good and sick of frontman Bono’s political posing.

Ah yes, posing – the subject at hand. Specifically, band pictures. Remember how cool you thought they were when you were in high school? Remember how you studied them (especially when your concentration was, er, enhanced by various substances)? Remember how you focused on each band member individually, seeking clues and hidden messages in his expression and body language?

What brought all this to mind was the photo of U2 above. It occurred to me that these guys are roughly my age – within hailing distance of 50 – and this must be the eight zillionth stupid-ass band photo they’ve posed for. If they are solid dudes, as I hope and suspect they are, they must dread these shoots, with the stern gazes and the one-guy-squatting routine. After the shutter clicks, does Bono gripe that his knees are killing him, ask for a hand up, and tell the Edge that next time it’s his damn turn to squat? (Also, does the Edge stifle an impulse to say “Call me Dave, for crissake – I’ve started receiving mailings from the AARP!”)

Question: What’s your favorite cliched band-photo pose? Is it the one where they all hold their instruments, and the poor drummer stands there with a ridiculous pair of sticks? The one where one member refuses to look at the camera? The one where the lead guitarist aims his ax at the camera like a machine gun (aka The Eddie Van Halen)?

* Trivia: What classic movie is this line from?