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Great headline, great piece at Wired by Mark Harris.

How much Big 4 network TV does anybody watch anymore? Racking brain … OK, I confess my family got hooked on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” couples edition last year; DVR made it bearable. But that was a freak show, and it didn’t build any sort of loyalty in me. I had to search to recall which network it was on, and I have no intention of watching this season.

Whether you revel in it or recoil at it, the legacy-media meltdown is fascinating. Network TV is just taking its place in the woodshed line behind traditional radio (whose lobbyists just spent a jillion dollars in a failed effort to scotch the Sirius-XM satellite merger), and the woes of the newspaper and magazine industries are well documented.

How will the former kings of the hill respond? Will they keep their heads planted firmly in the sand, as General Motors has ever since the first Hondas and Toyotas wobbled off the boat? Or will they regroup and carve out a strong place in a changed market, as IBM has in the wake of the ongoing PC revolution?