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No blog posts for two weeks? Surely this demands a bullet list of half-assed excuses. Fortunately, half-assed excuses are a specialty. As are bullet lists, come to think of it.

  • Twitter scratches the itch. A few months ago I joined Facebook, just like all the other day-late-dollar-short middle-aged doofuses. And like many of my fellow doofuses (doofi?), I got sick of Facebook after the third [Name of old highschool friend] is eating Cheetos newsflash. But then somebody shunted me over to Twitter, and somehow it’s more fun, with its tighter circle of followers/followees and its 140-character posting limit. Over the past two weeks, thoughts that could have been blog posts have turned into Tweets.
  • Winter blues. I don’t particularly like January and February (especially once the Vikings and Patriots are out of the playoffs), and Mother Nature is rubbing it in with an old-fashioned ass-kicker of a winter. Bah.
  • Business beckons. My company, Flatout Motorsports, is in the midst of an exciting growth spurt – and how many enterprises can make that claim these days? Having nailed down some capital investment, we’re buying cool equipment (such as a dynamometer to measure engine output) and making plans that will make us a true powerhouse in our part of the racing world.
  • WIPsawed. The past few months have been interesting for my work in progress – the third Conway Sax novel, whose working title is Purgatory Chasm (here’s where the title comes from). October was my best writing month ever; I knocked off 17,000 words and was pleased with the story’s narrative drive. But then I took a break to rewrite the second novel in an effort to address some of the feedback my fabulous agent had heard from editors about the first novel (got that?). The rewrite was a grand success – it made the book more accessible without destroying the voice – so once I was done with the second-novel rewrite, I rewrote the first half of Purgatory Chasm in the same style. What all this means is that I went two full months without writing any new words for the WIP – and it ain’t easy getting back in the swing. Over the past two weeks I’ve managed 6,000 words, but I haven’t entirely recaptured that narrative drive, the feeling that this thing is going exactly where I want it to go.

Solution? Hell, that’s easy: keep writing words. Sooner or later, a few of them are bound to be good.