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1 star (out of 4)

Rats. I wanted to like this one. I tried to like this one. But awful is awful, and this is an awful movie. Moreover, conservatives who try to tap-dance around that awfulness take a real intellectual-honesty hit as far as I’m concerned.

Recap: An American Carol is David Zucker‘s Christmas Carol riff in which left-wing film-director idiot Michael Malone (Malone and Moore both begin with M – get it?), on the eve of a rally to eliminate the Fourth of July holiday, visits past, present and future with Kelsey Grammer‘s George Patton serving as tour guide.

The middle-school jokes (Airport security is like a trip to the proctologist, as you can see here because one man has his arm up another man’s butt! And hey, why are all these terrorists named Mohammad?) are interrupted only by ham-handed preaching and griping that feels like the Comments section of a third-rate political blog (as opposed to a third-rate nonpolitical blog like the one you’re reading).

Oddly (or perhaps not), the only scene that’s not awful occurs when Malone/Moore (played by Kevin Farley, who does what he can) visits Jon Voight‘s George Washington at St. Paul’s Chapel near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. Voight plays it straight; the result is heartfelt, haunting – and out of place given the poo-poo jokes and bullet-point conservatism that fills the rest of the movie.