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I don’t get my undies in a bunch over grammar or spelling mistakes – if only because Murphy’s Law dictates that if you write about such things, you will commit an error or two that pedants will jump on like hyenas on a three-legged zebra – but the misuse of its and it’s does cause my teeth to grate. Which is bad for my teeth, as the confusion occurs more and more these days. I think what gets me is that so many intelligent writers, whose otherwise clean work is a pleasure, screw up its/it’s.

(That sentence reminds me that whose/who’s is also deteriorating rapidly, and it seems like a trickle-down error.)

The problem, as this blog post points out with humor and clarity, is that no-apostrophe its is a glaring exception to the practice of adding ‘s to signify possession, as in Steve’s car.

Question: will apostrophes in general evolve away, helped along by the growing influence of texting?