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I’m not a big college-football guy, but I watched a bunch of games Saturday because I was under the weather. Once you tame your cynicism (most of the players seem to be 23 years old and to have matriculated at State U for six years – except for the best running backs and wideouts, who these days jump to the NFL after their sophomore seasons), college ball is fun to watch. I was reminded of these Three Things that True Fans Know to Be True:

  1. When your team faces third and four, a 4.5-yard run is more satisfying than an 18-yard pass.
  2. There is nothing cooler than a 2-point safety.
  3. The only possible exception to 2 is a goal-line stand. However, for a goal-line stand to be cooler than a safety, it must be a true four-down stand (no field goal attempt), and fourth down must be a rushing attempt that is stuffed.