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Did I light off some bad karma? A couple of posts down, you’ll spot me bragging about one of my company‘s Mazda Miatas being featured in a Bloomberg News article.

The photo above is of the same car – good old number 91, a 1.8-liter Miata that may have been our fastest rental – after a massive wreck Saturday at Watkins Glen. The driver, who was uninjured, had rented the car for the weekend. The Number Two question* non-racers ask of amateur race drivers is: “Do you have insurance for those things?” The answer is no. You break it, you buy it.

The truly unfortunate part of the story is that the car was T-boned by another Flatout Motorsports client, a terrific gent who’s had more than his share of bad racing luck lately. That driver broke five ribs and punctured his spleen and lung; Team Flatout is praying for him as he heads into surgery.

Miatas are tough little cars, but number 91 is well and truly totaled. The impact bent the roll cage in a way that rendered it unrepairable, and get a look at that rocker panel below the door – the entire unit body, or tub, is badly bent. That means we’ll have to buy another tub and perform what’s called a “rebody,” removing all the mechanical bits from this car and bolting them into its successor.

* Can you guess what the Number One question is?