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Though I’m a fan of many blogs, blogging isn’t natural for me. When something occurs to me and I feel an urge to share it with the world, my internal response is: Oh shut up. It’s not a new thought; somebody has surely expressed it already – and better than you ever could.

Must overcome that!

So here’s something that hits me once in awhile: all the sounds that have gone away during my lifetime.

  • Mechanical cash registers.
  • The classic telephone ring.
  • The sound when you dial a rotary telephone. (This was as much a sensation as a sound – a zzjjhhick-duh-duh-duh-duh, accompanied by resistance.)
  • A driver pumping the gas pedal in an effort to start a flooded car.
  • Gas pumps dinging.
  • The hiss of the record needle at the beginning of an LP. (Side note: remember clever little messages etched into the run-off grooves? They were popular at Stiff Records, I recall.)

OK, so all these sounds were simply superseded by digital equivalents that signify improvements (when’s the last time you flooded your car? It can’t be done with today’s fuel injection). Like I said, I need to overcome my blog-blocking fear of having nothing to say. Mission accomplished!