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Found some in-car video shot by my friend and teammate, Jeff Harding. The race took place a few years ago at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I am not driving the car the camera’s mounted in; I’m in a green-and-orange Mazda RX-7. This first sequence shows me, then Jeff, passing a red BMW to take the lead in the race’s early stages. It’s a nice shot because it shows what close quarters we race in:

So I’m leading, with Jeff on my tail. A few laps later he passes me, and I spent the middle laps of the race chasing him down.

This next sequence shows what a role lapped traffic plays in racing. Jeff leads me by several carlengths (look for me in his mirror), but catches the red lappy in a rotten spot. This kills Jeff’s momentum. Naturally, I’ve been watching this develop; I time my run, pull alongside, and outbrake Jeff into the next turn (though it takes me several more turns to seal the deal):