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The pitch: Kill Bill meets “The Office”!

Heard nothing but good things about Duane Swierczynski‘s Severance Package, read it, liked it a lot. I’m not surprised it’s being developed as a movie; it’s got all the ingredients.

Quickie plot summary: a lowly media relations guy at a Philadelphia financial firm is bummed because he’s summoned to the office for a Saturday meeting. In that meeting, the boss passes out cookies, then matter-of-factly announces he must kill the entire staff. Turns out the firm is actually a front for an outfit that makes the CIA look like Campfire Girls. Mucho hell breaks loose.

The book is fun because it’s aware of its own preposterousness – but not in a smug, winking way. Swierczynski respects his plot but doesn’t take it too seriously. The author himself is co-writing the screenplay with director Brett Simon, so I’m optimistic.