Posted by on Aug 25, 2008 in News & Events | 1 comment

I’m very close to buying an Amazon Kindle. The past several times I dropped $50 or more in a bookstore, a little voice nagged that I’d be better off spending the dough on an electronic reader. I’m not a love-that-musty-smell-of-books guy; once I read it I’ve got no further use for it (with a few dozen exceptions), so off it goes to a basement bookshelf. There it’ll sit until I’m a senior citizen getting set to move out, and then it’ll be a burden.

But I’ve also kept an eye on this new class of portable computers dubbed “netbooks.” Very small, very cheap (and getting moreso, hence my sharpened interest). A web browser, Microsoft Word and a few other software applications – that’s all I need, really.

Of course the Kindle and the netbook aren’t mutually exclusive, but my tolerance for new electronics is finite. Just bought a GPS device for my truck, and my first iPod was a Father’s Day gift (he admitted, embarrassed); not sure I can handle two new gadgets.

Resolved: I have purchased my last hardcopy book. Once I whittle my TBR stack down to nothing, I will buy a Kindle. By the time my newish laptop needs replacing (two years?), I’ll be able to get a netbook from a vending machine.