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So there I was in my fave local bookstore, wandering around with one of those weird Visa cards (Debit? Credit? Who knows?) manufacturers use these days to issue rebates. Fifty bucks burning a hole in my pocket, in other words.

I’m a paperback-only guy because I’m cheap. One thrill of the paperback route is that you get to surprise yourself. There’s the big publicity splash when your favorite author issues a new hardback, at which time you make a mental note to buy that one when it comes out in paper. Then you forget (at least I do). Six or eight months later, what do you know? There it is, front of the store, affordable as hell.

All of which is a long way of saying that my TBR pile (see full list at right) now includes Richard Russo’s Bridge of Sighs and Don DeLillo’s Falling Man. Hot diggity. The only potential drawback is that reading these two back to back could shame a fella right out of the fiction-writing business.

I also snagged the second book in Patrick O’Brian’s Master & Commander series (read the first one a few years back when the movie came out, liked it a lot, decided to try a few more) and some nonfiction that looks right up my alley: Ken Alder’s The Measure of All Things, a history of the meter. Yes, the meter.