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119-word movie reviews: Tropic Thunder

Posted by on Aug 18, 2008 in News & Events |

Q: This review is way more than 119 words. What gives? A: That word count was insufficient – it constrained my brilliance. Q: Um … well in that case, why not drop the “119-word” part of the headline? A: That’s my movie-reviewing brand. Q: That’s ridiculous. A: You’ll have to take that up with my editor. Q: You...

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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

Posted by on Aug 17, 2008 in News & Events |

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan by blood (lived near Minneapolis as a young kid; my father took me to games during the late-’60s Purple People Eaters era), but a New England Patriots fan because why the hell wouldn’t I be? I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 37 years. I paid my dues in the bad old days when the Pats were a league joke. I...

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Job security for Conway Sax

Posted by on Aug 14, 2008 in News & Events |

Conway Sax is the protagonist in my mystery series (Book One is being submitted to publishers, Book Two is over to Janet Reid, my agent, for her thoughts, Book Three has just begun to shudder … er, flow … from my keyboard). Sax lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. Like most mystery writers I know, I scan the local paper each morning for actual...

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Fresh TBR meat: The varsity’s back in town

Posted by on Aug 13, 2008 in News & Events |

So there I was in my fave local bookstore, wandering around with one of those weird Visa cards (Debit? Credit? Who knows?) manufacturers use these days to issue rebates. Fifty bucks burning a hole in my pocket, in other words. I’m a paperback-only guy because I’m cheap. One thrill of the paperback route is that you get to surprise yourself....

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