Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in Palaver | 1 comment

This article, from the Montgomery County, Md., Sentinel, is being linked like crazy this morning because it’s so fun.

Quick summary: Montgomery County, like many municipalities, has set in place a disgraceful revenue-generation … er, traffic-enforcement program in which robot cameras snap photos of speeding cars’ license plates. Ingenious teens are said to be creating copies of their teachers’ plates, taping them to their own cars, and then ripping past the cameras. Three days later, the dumbfounded teachers get tickets in the mail.

Very cool. Too cool. It smells like an urban legend. All the ingredients are there, right down to the earnest news story that finds not a single actual victim of the prank (but I’ll bet your cousin’s best friend’s sister had it happen to her, right?).

Prediction: Montgomery County will be bowled over by the national interest in this story, will do a quick investigation, and will debunk it. Call me Snopes!