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74,978 (Part 1)

Posted by on Dec 31, 2009 in Conway Sax, Writing | 1 comment

Hey, you know those insipid “by the numbers” pieces newspapers and magazines do at the end of the year (not to mention decade)? This is one of them! (Inside former-journo scoop, although you probably figured this out long ago: the reason periodicals love end-of-year wrapups is that you can prepare them well in advance, then get the hell out of...

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Posted by on Dec 24, 2009 in Racing |

Race cars are like “Biggest Loser” contestants: once you start the process, they look really bad before they look good. About a week ago, I luxuriated in the leather seats of my new Honda S2000. Now? Not so much. We’ve stripped the interior, the trunk, the plastic inner fender liners, and some of the crap from the engine bay (in a race...

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Found: My 2010 race car

Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in Racing |

It’s a sweetheart! A Honda S2000 built in 2000 (the first year this model was offered) with only 49,000 miles on the odometer. Yeah, I paid more than I wanted to, but when you compare this donor (as we in the biz call the cars we hack up) to some of the other heaps I was considering, you’ll agree it was money well spent. In this photo, the...

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Posted by on Dec 4, 2009 in Racing |

Shopping for a race car is not like shopping for a street car. But it’s just as frustrating. I’m looking for a Honda S2000 to race for the next several years. The ideal donor would have high miles or even a blown engine (because the second thing you do when creating a race car is rebuild its engine) and a ratty interior (because the first thing...

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