Posted by on Nov 22, 2008 in News & Events | 1 comment

We’ve differed with the New York Times Editorial Board in the past. But we firmly believe in giving credit where it’s due, and so we congratulate that thriving paper’s Board on winning what we believe must have been a contest seeking the lamest, most clueless, most BosWash-corridor-inbred post ever created.

You can view the entry here.

We have yet to find the name of this contest, its rules, or official confirmation that the Times’ Board emerged victorious. But we are confident the contest encouraged editorial writers to come up with an effete, out-of-touch post that confirmed readers’ cruelest suspicions about the rapidly dying elite media. We are even more confident that the Times’ effort bested all comers.

We tip our caps to the Times. Now we must repair to our fainting couch, where we will struggle with the grim thought that the meat we have been eating all our lives was killed by someone.

* Because we are a Board, we use the Royal We and write as if we had a Royal Stick lodged in our Royal Netherparts.