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3 stars (out of 4)

You get a sinking feeling when a favorite sitcom star lands a big-screen role, am I right? You assume the actor got the gig only because all the real movie stars passed on a weak script.

So as a big fan of “The Office” and Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute character, I was nervous going into The Rocker. The first 15 minutes of the flick did nothing to reassure me, what with its halfhearted ’80s-hair-metal shtick and lame sight gags.

But guess what? When Wilson’s Robert “Fish” Fishman, washed-up drummer now living in his sister’s attic, hooks up with a high-school Emo band (fronted by Teddy Geiger, who cleverly hides any acting ability he may possess), the movie takes off. Plenty of chuckles, a solid half-dozen belly-laughs, genuine heart, and enough mini-twists – including a hilarious one involving the band that ditched Fish.