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(Q: Hey, earlier reviews were only 99 words. What gives? A: Inflation!)

3 stars (out of 4)
Nice little superhero movie. The big surprise is that Aaron Eckhart, as DA Harvey Dent, holds his own and then some. Christian Bale is OK. Maggie Gyllenhaal built her reputation taking chances (Secretary, SherryBaby), so now she gets a fat paycheck playing the superhero’s-forbidden-love role. Hooray for Hollywood.

All this becomes moot when the late Heath Ledger’s Joker appears. Ledger blows the roof off the Ultraplex every time he lurches onscreen. The hype is earned.

The movie badly wants to be 30 minutes shorter than its two and a half hours, and it devolves into a dime-a-dozen CGI fest. But in the final 15 minutes, a clever twist or two recaptured my interest and set up the next sequel.